5 Retail Items Every Nail Salon Should Sell!

Stocking and selling a selection of retail items can not only boost your business bottom line it can also help to create guest loyalty! Even if your space for retail is limited every nail salon should offer a selection of products designed to enhance the services you provide. From the perspective of the customer nothing

Holiday Social Media Marketing

Affordable, effective and bang for your buck—welcome to the world of social media marketing! With the holiday shopping season in full bloom, this week’s blog focuses on some tips to help you maximize your revenues during the holiday season without breaking the bank. First, be sure to schedule a holiday open house and add an

Let the Movement Begin!

Giving Back, An Industry Uniting to Attract New Talent  One of the founding principles of The Spa Mart, something that Tori and I both agreed upon, was giving back.  Both of us were able to pursue our educational interests with the support provided by others.  We were fortunate to have other people believe in us

Defying Gravity

Today is perhaps one of the most thrilling days of my life—thank you for sharing it with me.  My spa journey began well over a decade ago and never did I believe that I would become a coFounder of a spa technology company.  Hold on for a few, there’s a story coming, so I appreciate

Spa Commons, Our Gathering Place

Welcome to Spa Commons, our place to share ideas, experiences, and ideas from our spa community. It’s a play on a word—a place for us to come together to share and at the same time, discuss all the things we have in common as spa industry professionals. From blog posts and podcasts to special guests