Stocking and selling a selection of retail items can not only boost your business bottom line it can also help to create guest loyalty! Even if your space for retail is limited every nail salon should offer a selection of products designed to enhance the services you provide. From the perspective of the customer nothing is more frustrating than to have your nail professional recommend a product only to be forced to seek it out on line or to make an additional trip to one or more stores to find  the product. In addition to your selection of polishes for take home touch ups here are five sure sellers that will delight your customers!

High Quality Nail Files

Provide solutions to those “give away” nail files that every woman I know carries in her purse. Dollar store files don’t do the trick either. Offer a purse or travel size as well as a full size option and you will see these functional products sell over and over again.

Fungus treatment Products

Your in salon treatment needs to be followed up with home care. Offer take home sizes of your recommended products and save your guests a confusing trip to the drug store.

Cuticle Oils

A year round seller premium cuticle products help customers maintain happy and healthy hands. Encourage customers to buy two-one for their purse or briefcase and one to keep at home.

Heel Treatments  

Whether you live in boots or sandals most of the year dry and scaly heels are just plain uncomfortable and unsightly. Send your clients home with high quality heel care products to save that perfect pedicure from disappearing.


No-not the kind you light on the 4th of July but a “little something” that can be an impulse purchase at check out. This might be a cute lip gloss that clips on your purse, a small mirror or travel nail tool kit.

Check out is the perfect time to display and offer a little “icing on the cupcake” of your services to add a little boost to the average ticket and send your customer home happy!

Tip:  The first four retail products are items that you should always have in stock. Rotate your specialty items seasonally or by holiday. Small increases in the average ticket will yield big results in your monthly bottom line!  Happy Retailing.

Patti Biro is the founder and principal of Patti Biro and Associates a consulting firm specializing in brand enrichment through creative special events, retail sales and education in the beauty, spa and wellness industry

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