#TakeMeBackTuesday—The Spa Mart Begins

So, have you ever wanted to start your own business? These are famous last words by the way. It’s the most exciting and the scariest thing you will do ever, but we wouldn’t change a thing about it. Tori and I wanted to share our experiences along the way and let you know how we

Defying Gravity

  I’ve always been a believer in the timing of life events.  We have all heard it, things happen for a reason when they should.  It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.  Last year, I had reached a crossroads in life and had the opportunity to have some time to

Happy Summer a Behind the Scenes Look at the Spa Mart

Happy Summer! Things at The Spa Mart have been sizzling hot already. We are so thankful for the support we receive each day from our spa community. We have had such a great time getting to learn from you and receiving such great feedback. Look forward to a future blog post featuring all the new

Open for Business

On May 4, 2017, we opened our doors to spa professionals from Texas and beyond.  We were so excited to unveil what The Spa Mart team has been working on for months.  Spa professionals and vendor partners were invited to celebrate with us as we officially launched our company.  We were so grateful that our

Chapter 3: Website Costs How Much?

During the month of August, we started calling the website development companies in Austin, TX.  When possible, we believe in working with local business partners since it allows you to meet in person and build strong relationships.  We are extremely lucky to be in the technology hub of Austin with numerous companies to choose from. 

Chapter 2: Summer Heat

The Texas weather was warming up and so were our ideas for The Spa Mart.  The next few months seem relatively boring on the timeline of things, but I’ll give you the highlights—this time was integral to our business planning.  It’s really during these months that the foundation for The Spa Mart was built.  We

Chapter 1: Pool Time

Tori and I along with our significant others decided to create a spa technology company on the back patio of her house.  I had recently left my position as the Chief Brand Officer of a luxury spa company and Tori was contemplating selling her company, which her family had owned for over 30 years.  We