The Beauty Of Hope
The Beauty Of Hope

Five tips to display The Beauty of Hope candles

  1. Introduce your guests to a sensory experience by offering a minimum of four scent options. This allows your guest to discover which scent is perfect for them!
  2. Display the retail candles with elevated height and different levels to add dimension.
  3. Place our 8oz glass tumbler testers in front of the boxed 8oz candles. The retail product is boxed and sealed. The 8oz testers will showcase the hand-stamped wax seal, quality of reusable tumbler and guide their choice for the perfect scent!
  4. We encourage you to buy a set of testers to display and a separate set to burn at the reception desk or around the spa/boutique. The testers at the display are designed to offer a visual of exactly what’s inside the box. Each 8oz tester is only $8.00.
  5. The Beauty of Hope offers free marketing collateral and counter cards in each order. Frame the 8×11 counter cards and merchandise next to the display. Place the mission postcards and product catalogs for clients to read and learn more about our mission to bring awareness and end human trafficking.
With each purchase of hand-crafted soy candles, you are partnering with The Beauty of Hope to help light the way to end human trafficking.
The Beauty of Hope donates ten percent of revenue to non-profitsthat share our goal to bring awareness and aim to end human trafficking.