Welcome to Spa Commons, our place to share ideas, experiences, and ideas from our spa community. It’s a play on a word—a place for us to come together to share and at the same time, discuss all the things we have in common as spa industry professionals. From blog posts and podcasts to special guests and industry news, the Spa Commons is the spot to learn to grow and share our successes together.

We wish this to be an interactive forum where we can share and learn from each other’s collective experiences.  Also, we will focus on positive information and uplifting our industry colleagues.  We believe in an honest exchange of ideas, best practices and solutions for problems facing our industry.  Spa Commons will only be successful if we have comments and discussion so please share openly and willingly—our entire spa professional community will benefit from this exchange environment.  Of course, this is a safe place, where we can collaborate professionally and each month we will provide a wrap up that we can all use as a guide to motivate us.

Let’s discuss the things that matter most!  Here’s a list to help us get started:

  • People—growing our team members and helping them to achieve goals
  • Compensation—how are we all paying our teams, what’s working and what’s not
  • Recruiting—we have a shortage of team members and it’s only going to get worse, let’s brainstorm to get people into our industry and our spas
  • Profit and Loss Statements—let’s learn from each other why it’s so important to have a financial roadmap and best practices for managing the bottom line
  • Retailing and Upselling—let’s improve the bottom line by discussing what works, huge opportunities here!
  • Products and Menu Engineering—cost per treatment, relevant products for menus, and understanding what brings guests through the doors
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing—the must haves to connect with consumers and the best ways to measure ROI
  • Litigation—let’s protect ourselves and discuss important issues impacting our spas
  • Leadership—becoming our personal best requires learning from each other, let’s share our strengths to help each other elevate!

So spa community, join our movement and let’s get this thing started!  Spa peeps, if you have a topic you would like to discuss or if you’d like to write a guest blog or upload a video topic, we’d love to hear from you!  Drop us a line at [email protected].   Thank you!  We are humbled to work in such a great industry and be able to have these conversations with you.