Affordable, effective and bang for your buck—welcome to the world of social media marketing! With the holiday shopping season in full bloom, this week’s blog focuses on some tips to help you maximize your revenues during the holiday season without breaking the bank.

First, be sure to schedule a holiday open house and add an event under your business Facebook page. Add vibrant photos or a video with you describing your event in a minute or less—all it takes is a smart phone with a camera to accomplish this task. Describe in detail any service or retail specials you will be offering, list out giveaways and incentives, and offer nibbles and sips. Be sure to sponsor the event to a targeted audience on Facebook to increase RSVP’s. You will be amazed at what $50 to $100 in a sponsored boost will do for your event.

It’s also an excellent time of year to attract attention to your Facebook or Instagram page by offering free product or service giveaways. Ask people to like and comment to be entered to win a freebie and use an app like to help administer or create a promotion. Again, be sure to boost, even if it’s $20 daily to increase the number of eyes seeing your spa’s name. On Instagram, always use hash tags to receive more attention. After your post content, you can add up to 30 hash tags to gain attention. Here are some useful examples: #free #giveaway #freebiefriday #holiday #openhouse #musthave #share #favorite #shoplocal #giftcard #massage #spa #skincare #relax #metime #like #friends #tagme #gift #swag #stressless

On the daily, be sure to post on your social media channels about your offers or product spotlights. Many of your vendor partners will have photos or videos available so be sure to ask for those now. Also, use your smart phone camera to do mini spa tours, product feature/benefits, or guest testimonials. Video content is more viewed on social media and Facebook/Instagram places a higher priority on this type of content. Find creative, original content that will set your business apart, but do your best to keep a cohesive look and feel and theme to your holiday content.

When you are having an event or if you have time to do some product demos, go live on your social media channels. It only takes a few minutes and you will be pleasantly surprised with your results. Even a handful of people watching can gain new business for you and encourage folks to share to increase your exposure.

Finally, make sure your business hours, address and contact information is up to date. Activate the shop now button to lead customers to check out on Facebook or link to your web page to encourage gift card and product sales. You are going to have an amazing holiday season—Happy Selling!