It’s absolutely amazing how many things can be fit into one week!!! Our week in New York left our hearts full and our minds blown by the amazing spa pros that we get to partner with each and every day! So many amazing people in our beloved spa and wellness industry! Thank you, NYC, for delivering and exceeding our expectations!
Our cofounder, Teddy, arrived in New York a couple of days early to call on some corporate customers and to surprise them with gift bags from The Spa Mart! He greatly enjoyed his time exploring the city and searching for new partnership opportunities. Teddy was super excited to arrive before the team to ensure everything was ready for The Spa Mart to make its trade show debut at IECSC New York, #NYSPASHOW.

The Spa Mart had been working for months on a top-secret project and could not wait to share it with the world! We have worked diligently to be as sustainable as possible at our company. With our headquarters based in North Austin, TX we also wanted to reflect some of the values we share with our adopted hometown. From the beginning, The Spa Mart team decided to be a catalog-free distribution company and to focus on building relationships through our social media channels and state of the art website. As a new company, how do you show your commitment to the environment? We wanted to be innovative and to demonstrate how we could construct a trade show booth that was 100% recyclable and that would reduce our carbon footprint. Our dilemma was answered by an Instagram post from South by Southwest, one of our big annual events in Austin—there was a post showing a booth built entirely from cardboard. We knew we had found our partner, GoKarton.

GoKarton’s team worked with us to bring our vision to life! We were able to develop a marketplace booth that served as a way to meet customers, visually demonstrate our catalog free and sustainable vision, and share some of our favorite products with our spa pros. Shipping was a fraction of the cost and reduced our carbon footprint! Thank you GoKarton for helping us to achieve our dream!!! We were so happy to share our booth and we appreciate the positive feedback from our spa community. We love serving you and strive to make a difference in our community!
We greatly enjoyed our time visiting with all of the spa pros at the IECSC show and want to thank you for the time you spent with us. We are gratitude-filled—thank you so much! We learned from you and will work to bring even more products and services your way. The Elleebana and Hairpearl demos were a huge success! Edwena had an amazing time with all of you that stopped by to learn some additional skills. Thank you again! Please remember to use our trade show promo code to gain additional savings and free shipping on your products through March 31.

As a side note, our team did take some time to experience the wonders of “The Big Apple.” We had a first timer to NYC so we all went to enjoy the Tony award winning, “Kinky Boots” and we could not get the songs out of our heads. What an awesome treat! Teddy also shared with the team one of his favorite NYC restaurants, 44×10, and we dined on some fine upscale southern cuisine. Try the Vermont cheddar mac and cheese—it’s worth the extra gym time, we promise! And of course, no trip to the City would be complete without a slice of pizza—wow, perfect after a long trade show day!

On the final day of IECSC, Teddy spent part of the day at the inaugural American Spa’s Women in Wellness event. The Spa Mart was honored and proud to a sponsor of the event and loved seeing our logo on the lanyard. There attendee list was a who’s who of the women that define our beloved industry and there was a powerhouse list of guest speakers. Our spa and wellness industry is filled with amazing female leaders that change the world daily. This event highlighted their leadership, strength, innovation and passion to want to do even more. Thank you to Julie and American Spa for allowing us to be a part of this special and game-changing event! We are humbled to be able to serve our industry and strive to support as many of industry partners as we can. Thank you so very much for this opportunity.

Our trip to New York City was unbelievable! Indeed, the city that never sleeps, provided us with so many great memories, great opportunities, seeing friends old and new, and realizing how grateful we are to call this industry our home. Thank you, Gotham, for inspiring us to do more, be more, and give more!!! It’s a wrap!