It’s 12:48 AM in the morning and I’m writing my next blog post.  These quiet times at night, music playing in the background, allows my mind to find clarity and to focus on those things that continually happen everyday.  When you take that amazing step of opening your own company, you face your fears daily and you feed on strength inside of you that you might not have even realized existed.  This year has been the most emotional of my life and in a very good way.  I’ve been constantly reminded that there are extraordinary human beings in this world.  So many people, too numerous for me to name, have impacted me with their words of encouragement, support, well wishes, and sage advice that I take to heart.

When we opened The Spa Mart earlier this year, it was the union of passion with purpose that motivated us to want to help spa professionals in a bigger way.  Ever since our doors welcomed our first customers on May the 4th, I’ve been driven to do more than I ever have in my life.   I spend so much time thinking about our company’s purpose, the products we carry, the prices we sell things, the classes we need to offer, sending notes of thanks and gratitude, how to exceed our customers’ expectations, how to be a beacon of light and a good steward of this overwhelming opportunity that has been given to me—these are a handful of things that push me to do more than I have ever before and I love it!  I want to do more for my spa community and help people in more ways than I know I have not even envisioned so far—I’m inspired to DO MORE!

I often think about our team, my business partner, our customers and wonder how do I live up to their expectations.   This leads to more questions in my head:  What do people expect from me?  How can I deliver?  Am I helping to the best of my abilities?  Am I doing great work?  What’s my legacy going to be?  Let me tell you about the two words I meditate/pray about each and every day in the morning.  I ask to remember where I came from, to keep my humility, to be appreciative of the lessons I’ve learned and the people that touch my life—the first word, humbled.  Next, I want to have a plan to achieve my goals, to execute with excellence, to be a beacon of light and to serve a bigger purpose—the second word, focused.  Humbled and focused allows me to be more.  I’m purpose-driven to serve others and this allows me to propel forward, to keep the momentum going of building a strong company and helping others.   To BE MORE means you are asking for more—embrace the responsibility and accountability to serve others and it leads to a most rewarding existence.

The wonderful experiences I have shared with people this year are truly remarkable.  I’ve sit down with folks and learned so much about them and their dreams purpose and fears.  I’m pretty sure I’ve listened more in the past 18 months than probably most of my years on earth.  I will continue to do more of this.  Whether it’s been a business owner, a spa director, an independent spa pro, or a student looking to fulfill her dream, they have all honored me their time and presence.   My eyes have filled with tears more this year than I ever would have imagined—why you may ask?  Human connection, relationships and realizing how much people do really need each other.  Here I am chasing my dream and listening to the stories of how people overcome, embrace, share, fight to hold on to what they know is waiting on them—it’s pretty damn emotional and it’s beautiful.  It makes me give more of myself and challenges me to give more to encourage, influence and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.  The industry that I call my tribe—as a group, we spend so much time helping people to relax, uplifting them and providing comfort, helping them to find wellness and to take time for themselves—what an honor!  I’m so proud to be a part of this spa and wellness movement.  I pledge to continue to GIVE MORE, whether it’s my time, my focus or more scholarships to help people achieve their dreams.  In the end, the giving is what matters most and giving of one’s self manifests in so many ways.  Do more, be more, and give more—an entrepreneur’s mantra to live by.  Best wishes on finding your “halcyon—joy, bliss, happy!”  Thanks for letting me share and honoring me with your time.