Running a spa or running your own treatment space can be a very expensive endeavor! Trust us, we know. Since we began The Spa Mart, our team works diligently to do two very important things: help people and be a part of a bigger community.   We take these things very seriously which is exactly why took on a pretty large project for a newer company. This new initiative is something that we have worked on from the beginning and we are now ready to share it with you!

Welcome to Everyday Values by The Spa Mart! There are so many supplies we use on the daily in our treatment spaces to perform our services and at the end, we simply throw them away–disposables or soft goods as they are often called. We have searched far and wide, entertained different industries that have goods we use, and asked several vendor partners to give “spa” a try. Why did we do this? It’s simple—we wanted to find every day values for you so that you could spend your hard-earned money on other things. Perhaps you want to invest more in your pro tools or retail, maybe it’s time to refresh your treatment rooms, or at the end of day, you’d like a little more going to your bottom line. It’s your choice! You work hard and you give so much of yourselves to enhance the guest experience and to provide results-oriented treatments while building amazing relationships. YOU are a big and significant part of the communities you serve!

And we are grateful to be a part of our larger spa and wellness community. After many, many meetings with you, we kept hearing you wanted to purchase from a professional spa distribution company, but those online dotcoms provided a bigger value or convenience. We took this to heart and went on a mission to find quality, performance supplies at a fraction of the price. We have also kept our free shipping in place for the entire month of August! We are happy to report that many brands you know and love and several emerging brands decided to approach this challenge head on and the outcome has been worth the effort!

Check out “Everyday Values” to see for yourself. From nitrile and vinyl gloves to cotton essentials to waxing sticks and strips, from disinfectants to headbands to disposables of all kinds—everything you need for all things spa will be found at a competitive price with the quality you desire for your treatments. Your guests won’t realize the difference, but your pocket book will! $$$$$$$$

As we grow our company, we want you to grow with us. We provide thanks to all of the spa peeps that have shared your input and time with us. Your time is precious and we respect your thoughts and suggestions. This is only the beginning—“Everyday Values” will continue to have new products added daily. In fact, in the last month alone, we have added over 400 new products to serve your needs!

Teaser Alert: We can’t stop, we won’t stop here! We appreciate your support and value your relationships more than words can express. Again, it was important for us to “disrupt” the spa industry by taking your lead and taking customer service and appreciation to a new level. We are always listening, creating, innovating, and uplifting others as we decide on next steps to enhance our service experience. Next week, we unveil yet another one of our “dream” projects and we can’t wait!   Stay tuned for the next big announcement by The Spa Mart….next week!