Inspire Love with Makes Scents!

A sweet treat for every sweet heart on their list! Scrubs and Butters for massage, body, mani and pedi treatments in rich chocolate or delectable strawberry.  These are sure to sugarcoat your Valentine’s Day Menu and enhance your holiday revenues!  Let your guest choose one or mix it up for a chocolate covered strawberry delight!  Here’s the link for protocols!


Envelop yourself—mind, body, and senses—in the alluring aroma of pure chocolate with this extraordinary, 100% natural and organic body scrub. Chocolate Decadence Body Scrub is made with organic cacao powder, which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Organic cocoa butter, sunflower seed, and safflower oil soothe skin while organic sugar and cacao beans exfoliate to soften and brighten skin. Indulge in the delicious, skin-hydrating experience of Chocolate Decadence Body Scrub. Best used along with Chocolate Decadence Body Wrap and Chocolate Decadence Body Butter.



With the alluring scent of succulent, sweet strawberries, our Strawberry Fields Body Scrub will stimulate your senses as it exfoliates and softens your skin. Using organic sugar combined with organic strawberries, this scrub bursts with skin rejuvenating goodness. It’s packed with vitamin C and polyphenols that help fight signs of aging. Plus, strawberries’ natural salicylic acid gently exfoliates and sloughs away dead skin.


The Spa Mart Pro Tips: Serve up delicious truffles or chocolate covered strawberries to take these services to the next level of spa awesomeness!  Add a glass of champagne to provide a luxurious treatment experience!  Don’t let the sweet fun stop at Valentine’s–these products are popular couples’ treatments all year long!  Call us to learn more about Makes Scents and how to integrate the brand into your spa, 877-281-1772.




The Spa Mart Shopping List


PRODUCT                                                                                ITEM NUMBER

Chocolate Decadence Body Butter ½ Gallon              MSC-CHO-BUT-1/2G

Chocolate Decadence Body Butter 7.5 oz.                 MSC-CHO-BUT-7.50

Chocolate Decadence Scrub ½ Gallon                        MSC-CHO-SCR-1/2G

Chocolate Decadence Body Scrub 10 oz.                    MSC-CHO-SCR-11.50

Strawberry Fields Body Butter ½ Gallon                    MSC-SFI-BUT-1/2G

Strawberry Fields Body Butter 7.5 oz.                                   MSC-SFI-BUT-7.50

Strawberry Fields Scrub ½ Gallon                              MSC-SFI-SCR-1/2G

Strawberry Fields Body Scrub 10 oz.                          MSC-SFI-SCR-10O



Natural Wholesome Products and a Low Cost Per Treatment?  You Betcha, Check it Out!


Body Scrub Cost Per Treatment         $1.40-$2.80

Body Butter Cost Per Treatment        $.73-$1.46

Pedicure Scrub Cost Per Treatment   $.70

Pedicure Butter Cost Per Treatment  $.37

Manicure Scrub Cost Per Treatment  $.35

Manicure Butter Cost Per Treatment $.19


FEATURED PARTNER: MAKES SCENTS  ( a photo of the product/Heather, the founder)

About the Product: “We carefully craft our products in small batches to ensure the exceptional quality and consistency you should expect from a premium line. We put only the finest natural ingredients in our products…and we put our products in only eco-friendly, post-industrial resin (PIR) recyclable packaging. So, everything we create not only feels, smells, and looks phenomenal – it also demonstrates our respect for our planet.”