So, have you ever wanted to start your own business?  These are famous last words by the way.  It’s the most exciting and the scariest thing you will do ever, but we wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Tori and I wanted to share our experiences along the way and let you know how we ended up here.  Since our business is now launching, we know there will be a few “shifts” along the way and we decided we would share those with you too.  After all, let’s be honest with each other, it’s not easy but it certainly is fun!  We want to learn from you so please let us know what’s working and what’s not.

Starting a business is not a perfect adventure and I’ve read more books and blogs and listened to more podcasts than any one person should, but I love education and learning from others.  After all that learning, here’s my first piece of advice—you just have to do it.  There’s no formula, but there sure is a lot of help out there.  Most importantly, find your startup tribe because strong support is imperative, egos must be left at the door, and yes, be ready to ask for help.   And not just the  “will you come over and proof read some content or do you have time to hang some pictures today” kind of help.  No, it’s having vendor partners help you with ways I cannot even explain, having friends and family be there for you when you are throwing spreadsheet party Sundays at your house, and having uncomfortable but necessary conversations about money.

On the other side and this is one of the many reasons I love our industry—the people.  Never in our lives have we felt so supported and encouraged.   The word that describes the emotion best is gratefulness.  The phone calls and the emails of support, the faithful cheerleaders, the pure enthusiasm, and the love we have felt has been what has gotten us this far and this is just the beginning.  We have big plans but we know we need this support moving forward and we are humbled to have folks cheering us on.  As we continue to forge our path, will y’all please keep reaching out and providing us sage advice and positive vibes?  We certainly know we will not make all the right decisions, albeit we will do our best to make the most educated and most experienced ones with your help—by listening to our customers.  Thank you all for everything you have done to get us this far and we are more appreciative than you will ever know.  Cheers!

With sincere gratitude,

Teddy & Tori