When it comes to exceptional services and memorable spa experiences, small touches go a long way!  It’s all in the details!  From the moment, we approach and enter the spa, from the façade, to the smell, to the way the spa boutique is arranged, to the salutation used as we enter through those sacred doors- our expectations are high.

It is how we have been made to feel that leaves a lasting impression.  A combination of our interactions with spa staff and therapists, highlighted by luxury wellness products, add-ons, extras and exemplary guidance to relevant home-care offerings that make or break the status quo of satisfaction ratings or place us amongst the great.  A place that spa-goers rave about, a place that gets awards, a place people want to come back to and call “their” spa, their sanctuary.

Every touch point is an opportunity to make guests happy.  While everyone comes with their own wishes of an optimal experience and expected result- they vary.  There are sure-fire gestures that elevate the spa and wellness journey and these are easier than you think.

Atmosphere:  the spa surroundings you create should personify an air of serenity and your overall goal of style and appeal.  In addition to keeping areas tidy with clean lines we can appeal to esthetic, tactile and aromatic senses through sight, touch and smell.  We have all been to places that we impulsively ask where can I get this robe, what is that aroma?  Colors and textures set the stage to be enveloped in opulence, choose colors and shades that compliment each other and the vibe of your spa such as hypnotic hues of blue, mystic shades of gray, grounding greens and browns and crisps shades of ivory and white.  Do not let the visual stop there, add pops of color to create depth with burnt orange, deep navy and bright golds, greens even pink!   Carry out soft textiles throughout every stop remembering to echo these in your retail boutique.  Think Urbana, Mansfield, Luxury Therapeutics to deliver mmm…. spa as guests ease into their warm robes and slide into silky soft linens.

Guests love scents that are fresh, light, soothing and warm.  For example, aromatic blends with light lavender, refreshing and soothing citrus as well as the comforting warmth of vanilla and woodsy essentials to put them as ease and prepare them to enter a state of euphoria and spa bliss.  From the air that fills your lobby, to the relaxation area, treatment room and all the way home, use brands you can rely on to serve up true aromatherapy.  Trust brands like Beauty of Hope, Makes Scents and Luxury Therapeutics to not only appeal to your guests’ senses but to their hearts.  Each of these brands pay it forward with honestly good philanthropic donations and efforts.

Menus that offer something for everyone without being everything to everybody? Always execute proven trends for your seasoned spa goer while remembering the basics for first timers.  One easy way to start a well-received offering is to begin with your website and marketing collateral. Highlight key features and ingredients in your treatment descriptions while also providing a glossary of key terms that will further explain a therapy.  Describe Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and Thai massages and explain what they entail and the type of pressure a guest can expect to experience.  For your savvy spa enthusiasts allow them to explore brands that have innovative services and add-ons such as Elleebana lash lift, Lace Your Face and Martinni Masks and Advanced Exfoliation Dermaplaning Treatments by Enilsa.  An experience your therapist and guests will both rave about is The Original Worm massage roller—created right here in Austin, TX.   Pain management is a trillion-dollar industry, for self-care, guest massage and home care, The Original Worm, is the quintessential low-cost tool to elevate the massage appointment to a loyal repeat guest booking.


If you stop at what the guest expected for her money, you have lost the 5-star customer service experience.  Do you provide the following?  These are what most excellent spas around the world already offer:  aromatherapy, tea varietals, warm herbal wraps, soft robes, towels & linens, some basic massage in every service and a type of meditational influence or touch.  Today, these extras may cost your spa money but they are essential to what is expected in an exemplary spa experience. While recommending ingredient conscious products and results-oriented services set the standards for spa excellence, nothing will speak more highly of the memorable spa experience than the integrity and compassion of your spa team.

Ensure your team is consistent, genuine and passionate about nurturing others. Cultivate a team that is present in the overall guest experience and very aware of all their guests’ individual needs. Your team will differentiate your spa from others and elevate the guest experience to stellar reviews.

There is a saying that goes, “there are three things that touch your guests- your linens, your products and your therapists.” Touch hearts and souls and they will always cherish the time they spent in your beautiful spas and sanctuaries.  Namaste!