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“The Toes Have It” with Tianne Curtiss


Sinus problems? Headaches? Digestive Issues?


No doubt you hear your clients ask you about these things all the time and if you have any professional secrets to offer them.


Bring your sinus problems, headaches and digestive issues to this educational event and we’ll work them out.  How about your clients? How many do you see with headaches even migraines and sinus problems?  Leave this class with a treatment that your clients will certainly appreciate after receiving much-needed relief! This treatment has helped many clients to alleviate their chronic issues.


What about digestive issues? Many suffer from and can be easily helped with Meridian Reflexology. COME TALK FEET! Learn  how headaches, sinus problems, neck pain, and MANY other ailments can be helped through reflexology, along with ways to stimulate the feet and help the body heal. Learn how the meridians play a part in our health and how you can stimulate 6 major meridians through the toes, and what this means.  Your clients will LOVE your new technique and knowledge and you will leave with a map of the toes, an understanding of how meridian reflexology works and a great mini routine that you can use on EVERYONE.


Add this service as an upgrade to your current treatments and consider adding this option on your menu of services to help you achieve more money for your bottom line while helping your clients achieve relief.


Tianne is generously donating 5% of the class price to The Spa Mart’s scholarship program.  Thank you!



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Sunday July 30th 2017  12:00pm- 4:00pm  $50

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The Spa Mart, Georgetown, Texas

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Meridian Reflexology in Austin

Posted by Tianne Curtiss on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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