Happening 6/4/17 and 6/5/17 at our Georgetown, TX HQ!


BONUS:  Microneedling WITH CONTROL CORRECTIVE:  We will be demonstrating the NEW Control Corrective protocols and treatments for use with Microneedling.

$170 for Full 2 Day Course or $85 per day Individually

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Choosing the correct peel not only provides powerful, results-oriented facials for every skin type, but are among the top five most requested medical aesthetic treatments. Both TCA and Jessner peels are safe options for esthetician use, yet require advanced training and certification. Learn the science behind peels, when to use them, pre and post treatment requirements, downtimes, and how and where they work compared to other acid options. See live demonstrations and learn how to incorporate these peels with regular facials and home care.

  • The history and science behind the TCA and Jessner peel, different formulations and why they are so popular
    • Mechanism of action and comparisons to other acids
    • Key Factors affecting peel penetration and how to optimize results
    • How to customize peels for various Fitzpatrick types with special emphasis on improving acneic, aging, sensitive and sun damaged skin
    • Methodology when incorporating TCA with vitamin A peeling for boosted results
    • How to incorporate these advanced treatments with other modalities and facial treatments
    • Incorporating skin specific serums into the treatment
    • The best pre-treatment regimens by skin type to improve the effectiveness and results
    • How to reduce inflammation and enhance skin rejuvenation
    • Important tips for performing the client consultation: photography, signed consent, contraindications and client selection
    • How to spot treat and layer the peel for different client needs
    • How to overcome common client fears and objections
    • How to perform the post treatment facial and transition clients to an effective maintenance program
    • The best way to add advanced peels to your treatment menu to compliment other services and increase profitability
    • How to perform the Clinical A+ Peel Treatment (receive and perform)
    • How to perform the 7 Day Skin Rejuvenation Treatment with hands on experience (receive and perform)


Advanced Exfoliation Methods

Should I perform a TCA or Jessner?  Which peels can I follow with Retinol?  How long between peels?  Can I do microdermabrasion and a peel at the same time?  What series of peels works best as a pre-treatment for more invasive treatments?  These questions and more are addressed in this comprehensive hands-on class.  Designed for the esthetician, RN or MD who wants more in-depth knowledge on Control Corrective peels; you’ll gain the knowledge to confidently offer the perfect exfoliation choice for any client.   

• How to grow your business by becoming an expert in peels
• How to customize your peels for different skin types and demographics
• A review of all major chemical peels; how they work, contraindications, step-by-step protocols, how to determine strength and efficacy
• Chemical peel techniques to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation
• Pre and post care considerations by skin type
• Proper consultation, considerations and skin analysis specifically for peels
• Adding Microdermabrasion into your peel treatment for enhanced results
• Adding ultrasonic exfoliation for enhanced results.  Demonstration of this state-of-the-art machine to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and infuse vitamins into the skin
• Learn techniques for the face and body to work on acne, wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks, keratosis pilaris and more
• How to peel more sensitive skin types including Rosacea and blotchy skin
• Tools & knowledge for you to grow your clientele, increase client satisfaction and position yourself as a skincare expert
• How to add your exfoliation treatments to your menu to make them more enticing and get your clients excited about YOUR treatment options.
• Review of all the Control Corrective exfoliators and peels
• Demonstrations and hands on training will give you the confidence you need to add new treatments to your menu

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