Tori and I along with our significant others decided to create a spa technology company on the back patio of her house.  I had recently left my position as the Chief Brand Officer of a luxury spa company and Tori was contemplating selling her company, which her family had owned for over 30 years.  We were talking about spa distribution because I have a known love of spa products and Tori had watched a recent episode of Shark Tank with a distributor pitch and found it very interesting.  Tori loves to read online articles so following the show and looking for her next big adventure, she had already spent considerable time researching the topic.

I was explaining there were several great spa and product distribution companies out there—I used to work with one of the best and I loved meeting all the people and helping them to increase their bottom line revenues.  With a couple of years of operational experience under my belt, I felt like there may be an opportunity to help in a different way—my roots in the spa industry come from spa distribution.  No doubt products are essential to spa distribution, but so is education, support, menus, cost per treatment, marketing, hiring and firing, innovation, convenience, results, safety, relevance, mentoring, community, and giving back.  Tori agreed—and in full disclosure, we had moved into the pool at this point to continue our conversation—Texas is really hot!

As we discussed how to provide these things in a meaningful way that would improve upon existing offerings, we knew we had to start a company together!  We literally shook hands and said we would figure it out—all in the comforts on a nice cool pool under a starry night.  We had known each other for many months, but get to know someone you are going to partner with and be sure you have complementary skills.  This is someone you are going to work very closely with, so like them a lot.  It’s integral to your future success and sanity.  Tori essentially refers to me front of the house and she takes on the role of back of the house.  It’s a perfect analogy really.  Tori’s had experience running a company since she was 20 years old and learned so much about finances and efficiencies and I have been focused on sales and marketing with enough experience about profit and loss statements to be slightly dangerous.  Our skills complement each other beautifully but it’s our shared values, vision and mutual admiration and respect for each other that makes The Spa Mart work.

With big hopes,

Teddy and Tori