5 Retail Items Every Nail Salon Should Sell!

Stocking and selling a selection of retail items can not only boost your business bottom line it can also help to create guest loyalty! Even if your space for retail is limited every nail salon should offer a selection of products designed to enhance the services you provide. From the perspective of the customer nothing

Massage Equipment Must Haves

  Massage has become one of the most important forms of providing one’s body with much-needed rest and relaxation. Massage is an ancient art that has innumerable benefits. There are different types of massage and each type has its own set of benefits. Some of the most consistent benefits of all massage modalities include relief

Spa Experience

When it comes to exceptional services and memorable spa experiences, small touches go a long way!  It’s all in the details!  From the moment, we approach and enter the spa, from the façade, to the smell, to the way the spa boutique is arranged, to the salutation used as we enter through those sacred doors-