Despite the recent announcement that Texas is no longer requiring masks and capacity restrictions starting March 10th, we will continue to enforce all of our current safety protocols, which include requiring masks when picking up , remaining in your vehicle when picking up and texting or calling when arriving . Shopping inside warehouse is still not open. We are still doing curbside pick-up and shipping orders only. It's our pleasure to serve you and we kindly request your cooperation in helping to protect the health of other spa pros and our staff. We’re still in this together, after all.

Flowery Disposable Mani/Pedi Kits, Manicure

D-Kits Disposable Manicure and Pedicure Kits eliminate the risk of cross contamination from tools used on more than one client, while avoiding the expense and hassle of using disinfectants. Opening the disposable kit in front of clients provides them with visual assurance that fresh products are being used, and they are state board compliant in all 50 states. 

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